VSolutions (VSOL) specializes in technology solutions. Our story goes back to 1997 as the vision of a young management team who is the driving force behind the culture and force that is VSOL today. VSOL management has a strong belief in professionalism and being the best at what we do. Clients who have come once have decided to stay. Job seekers stick to us because of the focus and discipline of our staffing specialists to find them positions they can excel and grow in.

As a company, our focus is on relationships. We build a comfort zone for our clients so we can understand the real problem and then find a solution. The solution could be some or all of the services that VSOL is an expert in.

Today, 10 years later, we continue to focus on solutions that provide the best possible service to our clients. These are staff augmentation, development in various technologies, hardware and software maintenance.

Our vision for the future is to continue to focus firmly on our strengths, our feet firmly on the ground and our goal only on being the best. We believe in expanding to become the biggest but not at the cost of giving up our belief in excellence. We stand by our excellence and grow at the pace we can handle.

Our Roadmap in the coming 2-3 years consists of expanding our presence in the staff augmentation market with a primary focus on the United States and India. We plan to continue to strengthen our position in the technology space with more breadth in the number of job categories we service but without compromising our expertise in the niche technologies that our clients and job seekers have depended on us.